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UF4006-M3/73 - Vishay Semiconductor Diodes Division - Rectifiers
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UF4006-M3/73(Vishay Semiconductor Diodes Division) Specifications
Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor Diodes Division
Product Category: Diodes, Rectifiers - Single
Series: -
Packaging: Tape & Box (TB) Alternate Packaging
Package-Case: DO-204AL, DO-41, Axial
Mounting-Type: Through Hole
Supplier-Device-Package: DO-204AL (DO-41)
Speed: Fast Recovery = 200mA (Io)
Diode-Type: Standard
Current-Reverse-Leakage-Vr: 10μA @ 800V
Voltage-Forward-Vf-Max-If: 1.7V @ 1A
Voltage-DC-Reverse-Vr-Max: 800V
Current-Average-Rectified-Io: 1A
Reverse-Recovery-Time-trr: 75ns
Capacitance-Vr-F: 17pF @ 4V, 1MHz
Operating-Temperature-Junction: -55°C ~ 150°C
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
UF4006-M3/73 DISTI # UF4006-M3/73-ND
Vishay Semiconductors DIODE GEN PURP 800V 1A DO204AL RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 6000 Container: Tape & Box (TB) Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 6000 $0.1058
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
UF4006-M3/73 DISTI # UF4006-M3/73
Vishay Intertechnologies Diode Switching 800V 1A 2-Pin DO-41 Ammo (Alt: UF4006-M3/73) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 6000 Americas - 0
  • 6000 $0.0939
  • 12000 $0.0909
  • 18000 $0.0879
  • 30000 $0.0849
  • 60000 $0.0829
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
UF4006-M3/73 DISTI # 78-UF4006-M373
Vishay Intertechnologies Rectifiers 1A,800V,75NS,UF RECT RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 1 $0.4300
  • 10 $0.2880
  • 100 $0.1950
  • 500 $0.1560
  • 1000 $0.1170
  • 2500 $0.1080
  • 5000 $0.1010
  • 10000 $0.0950
  • 25000 $0.0870
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