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    Microcontrollers - MCU

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    NXP USA Inc.

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    IC MCU 32BIT 1MB FLASH 257MAPBGA MPC56xx Qorivva

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    Lead free / RoHS Compliant

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SPC5643LF2MMM1R(NXP USA Inc.) Description
Additional information about the SPC5643LF2MMM1R: The MPC5643L series microcontrollers are system-on-chip devices that are built on Power Architecture technology and contain enhancements that improve the architecture’s fit in embedded applications, include additional instruction support for digital signal processing (DSP) and integrate technologies such as an enhanced time processor unit, enhanced queued analog-to-digital converter, Controller Area Network, and an enhanced modular input-output system. The MPC5643L family of 32-bit microcontrollers is the latest achievement in integrated automotive application controllers. It belongs to an expanding range of automotive-focused products designed to address electrical hydraulic power steering (EHPS), electric power steering (EPS) and airbag applications. The advanced and cost-efficient host processor core of the MPC5643L automotive controller family complies with the Power Architecture embedded category. It operates at speeds as high as 120 MHz and offers high-performance processing optimized for low power consumption. It capitalizes on the available development infrastructure of current Power Architecture devices and is supported with software drivers, operating systems and configuration code to assist with users’ implementations.
SPC5643LF2MMM1R(NXP USA Inc.) Specifications
Manufacturer: NXP / Freescale
Product Category: Embedded - Microcontrollers
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
NXP Semiconductors NXP 32-BIT MCU DUAL POWER ARCH RoHS: Not compliant Min Qty: 1000 Container: Tape & Reel (TR) Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 1000 $16.9376
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Avnet, Inc. MCU 32-Bit MPC56xx e200z4d RISC 1024KB Flash 3.3V/5V 257-Pin MAPBGA T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: SPC5643LF2MMM1R) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 1000 Container: Reel Americas - 0
  • 1000 $18.4900
  • 2000 $17.7900
  • 4000 $17.0900
  • 6000 $16.4900
  • 10000 $16.1900
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
NXP Semiconductors 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU NXP 32-bit MCU, Dual Power Arch, 1MB Flash, 120MHz, -40/+125degC, Automotive Qual, MAPBGA 257 RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 1 $21.8100
  • 5 $20.7000
  • 10 $20.1100
  • 25 $20.0900
  • 100 $17.1700
  • 250 $16.5800
NXP Semiconductors 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU NXP 32-bit MCU, Dual Power Arch, 1MB Flash, 120MHz, -40/+125degC, Automotive Qual, MAPBGA 257 RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 1000 $16.3100

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