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Trusted Partners

In the hard-to-find and obsolete part industry, there is a delicate balancing act that needs to be played to offer the highest availability of the parts you need with the quality you expect. The most impossible parts to locate are always available from someone, but in this market flooded with counterfeits, do you really want to buy them from just any distributor? At Worldway we strive to keep our customers safe through Supplier Management policies which include:

Supplier Evaluation

Active suppliers required to be on Worldway’s Approved Supplier List
Weighted supplier assessment process for acceptance
Use of external sources to investigate supplier history
Extensive interview/audit process for new suppliers

Supplier Maintenance

Suppliers removed from Approved Supplier List for excessive or critical non-conformances
Mandatory Corrective Action process for re-acceptance on ASL
ERP system which monitors supplier performance automatically
Great visibility and communication to all parties (sales, purchasing, QC, customers) of supplier status
Reporting of suppliers which are negligently distributing substandard parts

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